Sean Harrison
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General Information
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Family & Friends
Family Lorna (mother)
Ellie (daughter)
Friends Liz, Hunter
Employer Max
Other Information
Series Information
Portrayer Sean Hayes

Sean Harrison (Sean Hayes) is a divorced dad struggling to juggle career and family, in the NBC comedy "Sean Saves the World."


Sean is an online retailer who recently divorced his wife when he came to terms with being gay. He is now the single father of his Ellie Harrison who chose to stay with him. He also has a mother, Lorna Harrison, who enjoys meddling in his life.

Aside from his family problems, Sean is also dealing with his new boss, Max, and his two co-workers, Hunter and Liz, who all manage to get him into varying degrees of interesting predicaments, dangers, and embarrassing circumstances.

Sean had a relationship with his former boss, Andrew, soon before getting a promotion. For this reason, he was deemed a whore by most of his co-workers and had a slight crisis where Sean assumed he was the type of person that slept with people only to gain things in life.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"You are a smart, strong girl… so Screw Boys! … So we are clear, I´m not saying screw boys like “Go do that”."

"We forgot the dessert! Most important meal of the day!"

"Calm down you maniac, I'm parenting!"

"He didn't quit. He's an owner. Owners don't quit the job of knowing things."

Hunter- "People can tell you're gay before they can tell I'm black."

"And yet, I'm the only one who put a baby in a woman. So take that bitches!"

"You bought a bra for my daughter?"

"Kids call it saucing"

"When you need a woman to guide you, that woman should be me.... now I know how that sounds."

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